Development Guiyang Nanming Laoganma Special Flavour Foodstuffs Co.,Ltd.was founded in 1996,and the product brand was named ¡å LaoGanMa¡å.more than 300 ¡åLaoGanMa¡å staff and workers performed on the spirit of ¡åcredit first and to pursue the practical progress¡å,consistently improving the internal management and the construction of infrastructure, weeding out the old to bring forth the new in the aspect of technical innovation,establishing the well-equipped laboratory,installing the mechanized production line integrated the jar-washing,disinfections,filling and covering as a whole.Thus,the transformation from manual operations to mechanical processing has been optimized. The company bases itself upon the need of markets and actively develops new products. Up to present,more than 10 kinds of products,such as Flavoured Oil Pepper,Flavoured Fu Ru,etc.have been developed.
Over 1000 ¡åLaoGanMa¡åstaff and workers produce 430,000 jars of chili foods per day,achieving the yearly output value approach in USD 50 million. The selling channel has covered 65 cities in the shole country. The products have been exported to more than 30 countries and regions like the United States, Australia,Canada,New Zealand,etc. ¡åLaoGanMa¡åhas developed to be a nationally well-known enterprise,and it is playing a leading role in the production and selling of chili foods. ¡åLaoGanMa¡åwas used to be the unique condiment of Guizhou.Nowadays,it has become the symbol of flavoured chili condiments and the indispensable and tasty spice of the most consumers at home and abroad.
A series of chili foods with high additional value is going to be developed, and an¡åaircraft carrier¡åof chili processing industry is being under construction.